Theme of the Workshop

Since the first workshop in the series in 2011 a strong interest has developed in the application of spectroscopic X-ray detectors to the field of medical imaging. Recent results from the clinical research community have provoked a significant interest in the general public in the new modality. The exploration the parameter space for the next generation of devices continues apace. The combination of spectroscopic imaging with bio-tracers remains a topic of high interest. This 5th workshop will continue to focus sharply on all aspects of the medical applications of spectroscopic X-ray detectors by inviting experts in the various domains which contribute to the development of the field. Clinicians, radiologists, biologists, tracer developers, imaging system specialists and detector and ASIC developers will exchange information and knowledge about the latest developments.

CERN, with its tradition of international scientific collaboration, represents a special environment where experts from well-known commercial companies can mix with researchers from the leading medical schools as well as experts on detectors and electronics. The location also serves as a reminder of the impact of fundamental research on the technology base in medical imaging. A number of hi-tech start-ups companies, whose origins are in High Energy Physics or Photon Science, will also attend and present their latest developments.

In order to maintain the atmosphere of a focused and highly interactive workshop, attendance will be limited to a maximum of ~100 participants. Only authors of accepted abstracts will be eligible to register for the workshop. There will be no written proceedings and presentations from the meeting will be made available to participants only.

Draft Programme

The topics addressed will be as follows:

- Clinical applications (Dual energy and photon counting)
- Imaging systems
- Reconstruction techniques
- Contrast agents and molecular imaging
- Electronics/ASICs
- Hi-Z semiconductors

Scientific Advisory Committee - 2019

Anthony BUTLER, Univ. of Canterbury & MARS Bio-imaging, Christchurch, New Zealand
Michael CAMPBELL, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Steffen KAPPLER, Siemens Healthcare, Forchheim, Germany
Ewald ROESSL, Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany
Katsuyuki (Ken) TAGUCHI, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
Richard THOMPSON, Toshiba Medical Research Institute, Vernon Hills, IL, USA
Brian YANOFF, GE Global Research, Nishkayuna, NY, USA